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Kyle Ramsay

Kyle Ramsay is the Percussion Director at Siegel High School in the Rutherford County Tennessee School District.



Kyle Ramsay is an enterprising young percussionist and educator from Murfreesboro, TN. An alumni of Siegel High School, Clarksville Audio Theater, and Music City Mystique, he has worked with percussion students in the marching arts for several years to refine their musical abilities. Kyle is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with his bachelors in Music Industry and a minor in Recording Industry. There he studied classical percussion, jazz piano, Middle-Eastern hand drumming, composition, and music pedagogy under the renowned Lalo Davila and faculty: Julie Davila, Brian Mueller, Russell Wharton, and Matt Endahl. His mission: Guiding students to become stronger musicians, performers, and to derive meaning beyond music from their experiences.

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