Kroger Rewards

9/2/16 – It’s time for EVERYONE to Re-Enroll with the Siegel Band Boosters in the Kroger Community Rewards Program!

Kroger Community Rewards is an easy, convenient, and free way to help support the Siegel Band! Please follow the instructions below to link your Kroger Plus Card to the Siegel High School Band Boosters. Thank You!

  1. Go to

  2. Put your cursor over the “Community” tab and select “Community Rewards

  3. Select “Create an Account” and follow the steps

  4. Scroll down to “Community Rewards” and select the “Siegel High Band Boosters Club”

  5. Use your Kroger Plus Card as normal and look on the bottom of your receipts to verify that proceeds are being donated on your behalf!

Click here for a step by step PDF regarding Kroger Cares registration —> Kroger-Cares-Inst001